SL Minakami

JR East runs the "SL Minakami" train mostly on weekends during the summer and limited runs during spring and autumn between Takasaki and Minakami, about 60km to the north.

The D51 498 Engine dates back to 1940.


Extra stops at Shibukawa Station and Numata Station gives passengers plenty of chances for photos and also visitors can view the engine being maintained at the Minakami Station where the engine is rotated around and gets ready for the trip back to Takasaki.


Takasaki can be easily accessed from Tokyo on the Niigata or Kanazawa-bound Shinkansen.


You need to get a seat assignment, which goes on sale a month before the run. 

Takasaki to Minakami


9:56 Takasaki dept

10:30/11:00 Shibukawa arr/dept

11:28/11:35 Numata arr/dept

12:03 Minakami arr

Minakami to Takasaki


15:20 Minakami dept

15:52 Numata dept

16:21 Shibukawa arr

17:13 Takasaki arr


Visitors can view the turntable and crew doing maintenance once the train arrives at Minakami.


(Left) How the seats look.