Tobu Railway "SL Taiju"

*Last update : 4 Jan, 2021


Tobu Railways, the company that also runs trains from Asakusa to the Nikko area became the latest operator in the Tokyo/Kanto region to start offering steam train services.

The C11 207 engine completed in 1941 was originally running in Hokkaido before it was brought here.

Trains run between Shimo-Imaichi (下今市)and Kinugawa Onsen (鬼怒川温泉)two times a day, mainly on weekends and national holidays. The distance between the two stations is only about 12 kilometers, making it the shortest route of all the steam train services in the Tokyo area. However this makes it easier to combine the train ride with other sightseeing activities in this area such as the Nikko Toshogu Shrine or the Nikko Edo Mura themepark.


On December 2020, a second engine, the C11 325 began running on this route.

Formerly running on the Mooka Railway, it was acquired by the Tobu company earlier in the year.


The addition will allow the company to run the steam trains year-round, even when one of the engines need to go through inspection.




  Train 1 Train 3  
Shimo-Imaichi Dept 9:33 13:00  
Kinugawa Onsen Arr 10:09 13:48  
    Train 2 Train 4  
Kinugawa Onsen Dept 11:10 15:37  
Shimo-Imaichi Arr 11:45 16:14  


Always check with the operator website, due to many changes! 



*Trains only run on certain days; mainly in the weekends and additionally on some Mondays, Fridays also.

*In addition to a regular train fare, a seat assignment (760 JPY) is necessary. You cannot board without seat assignment - no "standing only" tickets are issued. Tickets go on sale a month before departure.

*Advice on getting tickets - Online booking is available only in Japanese so try going to the Tobu Information booth at Asakusa where English-speaking staff can assist you. This is not a JR-operated train, so your Japan Rail Pass doesn't work and you cannot book tickets at a JR office.