Cherry Blossom Forecast/2016 Tokyo

Cherry Blossom Forecast 2016 Tokyo

For those who have already made reservations or plan to for the upcoming spring, you might be concerned if your visit will be in time for the cherry blossom viewing.

Tanaka's Tokyo Tours will regularly update the status of the Sakura trees. 


Update April 11. the peak has already passed now in central Tokyo, as the strong winds on the 7th blew away many of the blossoms.

However, the late-blooming type can still be seen at the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.

Blossom opening : Declared open on Mar 21st (Yasukuni Shrine)

Fully open  : March 31

Best viewing time : Mar 29th to Apr 6th 

You can only see them for about two weeks...

Cherry blossom outlook 2016 Tokyo

After the opening, it takes roughly a week before the blossoms are declared "fully open" This picture shows the blossoms still in its early stages; at this point there is still four or five days to go before the peak viewing time.


Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

After the flowers have opened about 80%, it is the best timing for viewing.  The window is quite short, usually lasting about a week. However when there is a strong gust (which is not uncommon in the spring time), the winds can blow down the blossoms before you know it!

Cherry blossoms 2016

When the flowers start falling to the ground, it's almost as if snow is falling. In fact, the Japanese call it "Sakura-fubuki (Cherry Blossom Blizzard)". The waters of the moat around the Imperial Palace or a small stream like the Meguro or Kanda River (pictured) would turn pink, making for a truly unforgettable scene.

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