Changes to the NRT-Tokyo Station 1,000 Yen Buses

The two companies that run the budget 1,000 JPY buses between Narita Airport and Tokyo Station will be operating under a single brand name, effective February 1st, 2020.

"The Access Narita" and "Tokyo Shuttle" both operate low-cost services with slightly different departure points, but will begin to operate under the unified "Airport Bus TYO-NRT" name in February. 

The departure point at Tokyo Station will be the Tokyo Station Expressway Terminal next to the Yaesu South Gates, where the Access Narita buses depart now.

The ticketing system will follow the Tokyo Shuttle format where one has to buy a ticket at the counter in advance. (Currently the Access Narita buses allows passengers to pay onboard)


A detailed timetable is scheduled to be released on Jan 15th.