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English tour guide, occasional YouTuber, lifetime traveler


Hi everyone, my name is Ken Tanaka and I am a nationally certified English tour guide based in central Tokyo. I spent some childhood years in Portland, Oregon and after graduating from Waseda University in Tokyo, started out my career in the logistics industry. I entered the tourism field five years ago.


I do not belong to any tour agency and receive all of my bookings solely through websites such as ToursByLocals, Viator Private Guides and this website you are visiting now. Occasionally I also work as an interpreter/MC on a fun program featuring sumo wrestlers to introduce the sport to international visitors.


 I started my career as a tour guide back in 2015, when the annual foreign visitors was around 10 million. In 2018, the number exceeded 30 million! I'm happy to be a part of the huge growth in tourism, which I am certain will continue in spite of the temporary setbacks from COVID-19.


I would recommend my tours to a small group of people (perhaps 4 or 5 being the max) and independent-minded travelers looking for some quick advice on their first day here, before starting to explore this mega-city on their own. 


My tours are based on walking and use of the public transport. The trains and subways are a tourist attraction itself and you are simply missing out on too much moving around in a hired vehicle or being transported on a big tour bus. 


While it is no longer compulsory to carry a license to tour guide, I am proud to say I passed the exam for a national license and my background living in the US means that my language skills are nearly at a native-speaker level.


The pandemic has proven to be a challenging time for everyone in the tourism industry, but I am doing what I can do right now by re-exploring the areas close to home and brainstorming about new tour ideas.


In the coming months, you will continue to see new content on this website so please stay tuned as we eagerly  await for international tourism to resume in Japan. 


If you are interested in a future tour, you can ask for a quote through the contact form.


Ken Tanaka  田中 健太郎


My registration details:


National Guide Cert No: EN03331, Issued 18-Sep-2013 by Governor of Tokyo

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