Jean Nouvel Architecture

Jean Nouvel

Born: August 12th, 1945


Winner of Pritzker Prize in 2008


The French architect has so far done only one work in Japan; the Dentsu Building (2001) in the Shidome district of Tokyo.

During the project it appears Dentsu (a major ad agency) and Jean Nouvel had many disagreements regarding the design, with Dentsu requesting a darker shade for the windows while Nouvel requested more transparency. The architect was so displeased with the result that in a Japanese magazine interview he said that he wanted his signature removed from this project.


Most of the building is used as office space for Dentsu, but anyone can go up to the 45th floor where there is a small observation space that provides excellent views of the nearby Tsukiji Market and the Tokyo Waterfront.

Views of the Tsukiji Market from the 45th floor
Views of the Tsukiji Market from the 45th floor