Tokyo Tour with a Private Guide

We offer half or full day tours that can be fully customized based on your interests and preferred pace.

Please follow the link for more details on each program. We suggest that the max people in one group be 5 or less.


Note in advance that the rates indicated are not the all-inclusive rate; you will be asked to pay for transportation/admission fees for yourself and the guide as you go. This is in adherence with the Guide-interpreter Law in Japan. Public transportation will be used, however if you wish to use a taxi or hired car, you may do so at your own expense.

Customized tours of Tokyo with a private guide

Hire a guide for half or full day with the itinerary completely tailor-made just for you!

In case you have no idea where the best spots are, I can provide some suggestions.


Available for 19,000 JPY (4 hours) or 28,000 JPY (7 hours)


*Now all tours come with Free Wi-Fi!!

Starting August 2018, all guests can access my Pocket Wi-Fi router during my tours, for doing any research, sending photos to friends/family and etc. High speed coverage is available in most areas around the Tokyo Metro area.


More details about the tour 

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