Last update: August 2021

We continue to be in business, though it is highly unlikely that visits to Tokyo/Japan without quarantine will be possible in the next few months. Due to the uncertainty in when unrestricted international travel will resume, we are waiving the cancellation fee for all of booked tours until further notice.


General advice: DON'T book anything now (air ticket/hotels/activities etc..) unless you are 100% sure that you can receive a refund. Our predictions for a gradual reopening is spring 2022 at the earliest...

How to book our tours: We're working on a convenient instant booking platform, but for now please contact us first regarding the availability of the tour you would like to take. Normally we will respond within a few hours.

Payment: After checking availability and agreeing on the rates, we will send a PayPal invoice by email. Upon receipt of the payment, the reservation is officially complete. 


Please read through our terms and conditions, including our cancellation policy before you agree to book.

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

Looking for tours in the Kyoto area? Note that I only provide programs in the Tokyo area.

You can find great tour guides in Kyoto through ToursByLocals, a company I closely work with.