Situation in Tokyo - Concerns about coronavirus

There has been more reported cases of the coronavirus but business is running as usual for the most part. A majority of passengers on mass transit can be seen wearing a mask, and many in the service industry including staff at hotels or restaurants will be wearing one as well.



There is a severe shortage of masks and hand sanitizer nationwide, so anyone planning to visit Japan soon are strongly advised to bring one from home.


Due to a huge decrease in the number of visitors from China and South Korea, the major tourist sites such as the Tsukiji Market or Asakusa are much quieter compared with the previous years.


Most cruise companies have already cancelled calls to Japanese ports altogether for the spring season, so there should be a dramatic drop in the number of visitors during the cherry blossom season, when cities like Kyoto have been facing over-capacity the last few years. 


As concerns over the virus rise, there has been a few cancellation/downsizing of major events that were to be held in the Tokyo area. Events to celebrate the Emperor birthday on Feb 23 were cancelled and the Tokyo Marathon on March 1st will now only feature the elite 200 runners with the 38,000 other runners no longer taking part.