Tokyo Spots Less Visited

If you want to visit places without the huge crowds, it might be a difficult task considering Tokyo is emerging as a popular tourist attraction. However, we've managed to find some places where it's unlikely to find fellow tourists.

Visiting G-Cans

Visit the G-Cans


It's a huge underground tunnel built to allow rainwater to flow in the case of heavy rainfall.



Ota Market

Tokyo's other big market


You've heard about Tsukiji. Do you know about Ota Market?

They handle vegetables, fruits and flowers. And it's just as fun as Tsukiji, but without the long queues to get in.



Enter the National Diet Building


Visit the House of Councillors and walk the same hallway of Japanese politicians.

No reservations are necessary and the tours are held every weekday.



See the inside of Imperial Palace


Many of the locals aren't aware that you can actually see the inside of the Imperial Palace - and of course it's free!


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