Hiking in Mount Takao

The trek starts at Takaosanguchi Station, beautifully renovated by Kengo Kuma.
The trek starts at Takaosanguchi Station, beautifully renovated by Kengo Kuma.

Located approximately 50 kilometers west of Tokyo, Mount Takao holds the title as the "most climbed mountain in the world" with over 2. 6 million visitors annually.


However it is not just the convenient location that makes Mt. Takao a special place.


Despite being only 599 meters in altitude (This is lower than the height of the Tokyo Skytree!), there are over 1, 600 species of plants in this mountain alone- about the same amount that can be found in Great Britain.


Like many other mountains in Japan, Mt Takao has also had spritual importance, there are traces of religious training being held here since the 8th century.


So a visit to Mount Takao is not just a good way to get away from the madness of Japan's capital city, it is a great chance to appreciate history and gain understanding to how religion has held a place in the Japanese mind.


How to book the tour: Please inquire first.

Duration: Roughly 6 hours, including the times on the train.

You can bring snacks to eat at the summit, or there are many good soba restaurants at the foot of the mountain, which can be visited before/after the walk.


Rates: 33,000 JPY for up to five people. 

(Tour guide will cover his own charges for trains and cable car ride, however your fares are not included)


Notes about this tour: The main hiking trail is well developed and kids large enough to walk on his own for 1-2 hours can make the walk. Guests are asked to come with the proper type of shoes.


If the weather forecast calls for rough weather, or for other reasons when conditions are unsuitable to head to the mountains, the following options can be explored through discussion between the guide and guest :

a) Try to reschedule to a later date, subject to availability

b) A city tour of central Tokyo instead

c) Cancellation, with a full refund (minus any transaction charges by PayPal)