Travel Tips - for your Tokyo visit

In this section, I will provide you with some information that might prove helpful for your upcoming trip to Tokyo.


Perhaps your first question will be, "How many days should we spend in Tokyo???" Our suggestions are here.


We have advise on your first steps in Japan in the corner: when you arrive at Narita or Haneda Airport.


I have also provided information on some discount tickets that are available and a personal analysis on the four seasons and when is the good season to visit Tokyo.


Some of the information might be subject to sudden changes, so make sure to double-check youself to avoid any surprises.

I try to be accurate but cannot claim any responsibility for any losses due to any inaccurate information.


For information regarding the Japan Rail Pass and the price increase

Japan Rail Pass update



The shortage of SUICA or PASMO cards and how you can still obtain them

IC CARD update