Autumn Color Forecast 2017

The website Weathernews announced the forecast for the peak viewing period of the autumn colors among the major tourist attractions throughout Japan.


Nikko - Nov 3rd

Hakone (Lake Ashi) - Nov 8th

Lake Kawaguchi, near Mt Fuji - Nov 8th

Mt Takao - Nov 17th

Yoyogi Park - Nov 26th

Rikugien Garden - Nov 29th

Zuisenji Temple, Kamakura - Dec 3rd



Some facilities will see extended visiting hours during peak period.

For example, the Rikugien Garden will open from 9 am to 9 pm between Nov 18th and Dec 6th.


Expect heavy traffic heading into the mountains such as Mt Fuji and Hakone during November, particularly on the weekends. Train and bus companies running the major tourist routes will usually have extra services this time of the year, so utilize them as much as possible.