Booking a tour

Thank you for finding this website!


Some of you may have been looking for ways to book my tour direct but I have decided to consolidate all of my tours to a single platform - ToursByLocals for the 2024 season.


This reduces the risk of scheduling conflicts which can occur when attempting to maintain multiple booking channels. Also having a dedicated team that handles the finance allows me to focus just on delivering the tour.


The below is the link to my page on the ToursByLocals platform and where I have several tours published. My availability calendar is regularly updated and visible for all to see so you can go directly to the booking phase without the need to send a message to me.

*The website underwent a major update on May 22nd, and is currently unstable. 


The T&C's of the ToursByLocals website always has priority over any of the content you see here. This includes the pricing/ duration of a tour, and the policy on cancellations.


I will continue to maintain this website and provide you with information on the themes that I am interested in. I hope you will find the content to be helpful in planning your upcoming trip. While the site will continue to be updated, please note I have removed the contact function. The email address previously linked to this site is no longer in use.