Before you book (Terms & Conditions)


If you book my service through platforms such as Viator or ToursByLocals, note that their conditions apply. The below is information regarding tours directly sold through this website,


Tours generally involve walking:

We will use the public transportation, which means there will be some walking involved and use of stairs in many of the older stations. If you foresee issues with this, please inform prior to booking to discuss alternative plans.


Information about the tour guide:

Your guide is Ken Tanaka, the administrator of this website and nationally certified tour guide.

In some rare occasions, another tour guide with pro license might be assigned with your prior consent.

The guide will always be someone I have personally met and worked with. If he/she has any restrictions not mentioned here (eg. working hours), it will be informed to you in advance.


Do not add participants without consent:

Most of the tours, unless otherwise specified, will allow up to four people in a group without additional charges.

However you must always notify in advance if you want to add members to your group.

Without doing so, additional guests will not be accepted even if group size remains within four people.


Method of Payment: 

The booking will be considered complete upon receipt of payment. You can pay through PayPal. The invoice will be sent to your e-mail with a due date to be discussed during our prior exchanges (generally within 48 hours after invoice is sent)



Insurance is not included in the tour. The tours offered on this website do not involve any dangerous activities, but please do make sure that you are fully insured for your trip to Japan in case of any unexpected event. While we will take utmost care in ensuring that your tour is conducted safely, we are not responsible for any loss or personal injury.


Cancellation policy:

Cancellation at least 7 days before tour - Full refund

Cancellation 7 days - 48 hours before the tour - 50% refund

Any cancellations within 48 hours of tour start or a "no-show" at the agreed time/location- No refunds will be given.

In any case, it would be highly appreciated if you could let us know asap when your plans change and you know that you cannot make it to the agreed meeting time.


If you prefer a more flexible cancellation rule, I strongly suggest you book my service through the platform ToursByLocals.


Services not offered:

Arranging transportation or booking hotel rooms on your behalf is not possible, only travel agents are authorized to do this in Japan. 

To avoid any issues with "no-shows", I will turn down any requests for making restaurant or attraction reservations on your behalf. It is suggested to check with your hotel concierge if you need such services.