Japan Travel Update - Trial Tours beginning late May

May 20

From June 1st, the daily limit will be raised to 20,000.

Visitors from about 100 countries including US/UK ("low-risk nations") will no longer be required to do the on-arrival testing or quarantine regardless of their vaccination status. A negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of departure is still required.


May 19

Japan Tourism Agency announces the trial run of organized tours will be taking place beginning later this month. According to the commissioner of the JTA, participants will be around 50 people that all belong to overseas tour agencies and not ordinary tourists. Having received the 3rd booster shot will be among the condition to participate.


Press Release (In Japanese)




May 5

Prime Minister Kishida said during his stay in London that further easing of the restrictions will be coming in June, without mentioning any specifics.


Effective April 10th

Up to 10,000 non-tourists will be allowed to enter per day. The previous cap was placed at 7,000. The number of foreigners arriving each day is believed to be well under this number at the moment.


There were reportedly over 100,000 students or technical interns waiting to enter the country at the beginning of March. The government hopes to bring all these people in by the end of May.


Effective April 8

The government will lift the foreigner entry ban for 106 countries including US, Canada, UK, Germany and France. However as visas will not be issued except for special circumstances, there is hardly any actual change taking place. The visa exemption program continues to be suspended.


The quarantine rules were also relaxed, and there is no longer a ban on the use of public transport. Whether or not you have received the booster shot (Pfizer/Moderna) determines the need to self-quarantine.


Details can be found here:



Effective Mar 1st

The ban on foreigners entering Japan has finally been lifted, but entering for tourism purpose remains restricted.


Always check official information on the MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) website




Watching a government website is never exciting, but the above should always be your first source to find out the latest measures on travel to Japan.



Wait before booking travel to Japan...


Tour operators like G Adventures or Intrepid are selling tours to Japan scheduled for this spring, without going into full details of the current travel ban to Japan.


Although most operators allow for refunds or rescheduling, in order to avoid unnecessary stress, you might want to wait until the government announces a clear schedule on how tourism will resume in Japan.


Changes won't be happening overnight, or in a drastic manner seen in other countries. It will likely be a gradual process that could very well extend into 2023.