Narita Layover tour

Do you have a long layover at Narita Airport and don't want to stay the whole time at the terminal? You might want to consider a short expedition to the city by the same name - Narita. Only 10 minutes away from the airport, you will have a short look at Japan's excellent public transportation system, visit a Buddhist temple with over 1,000 years history and do some souvenior hunting on the street stalls that extends from the station to the temple on your way back.

If you want to try some Japanese cuisine, the area is known for serving the grilled eels. There are also the usual options such as ramen, soba noodles or sushi.

Minimum time requirement:  3 hours




By Train - 10 minutes one way on either the JR or Keisei trains. Cash is required to purchase the tickets.

(From T1 station: JR train - 200JPY, Keisei train 270JPY/From T2 station: JR 240JPY, Keisei 270JPY)

Cash will be necessary for riding the trains. Keisei also sells a discounted round-trip ticket called the Narita Kaiun Kippu ("Narita Good Luck Ticket") for 490 JPY. The discounted ticket can be purchased from a ticket machine.


By Taxi - about 15 minutes on a taxi. Estimated fare is around 4,000 JPY.


How to book:

Please first contact us for availability and a quote. Please advise the arrival flight details, as Narita has three terminals. Please ensure you leave enough time clear security for your departure flight. During the peak travel season, we may advise you to arrive back in the airport earlier. 

Sawara, Chiba prefecture

If you have a bit more time...


The old merchant town of Sawara is located about 25 kilometers from Narita Airport and can be reached in under an hour from Narita on the train, which will pass through countless rice fields.

The area has retained the old canals and merchant homes from 200 years ago when it was a major transportation hub.

This is how Edo (old name for Tokyo) might have looked like too. Unfortunately, the canals in Tokyo were filled in during the post-war modernization, but Sawara has been able to keep its old looks. 


How to get there: There are 1-2 trains every hour leaving from Narita Station. The train fare is 680 yen one-way.

A taxi takes shorter, about 30 minutes, but cost 10,000 JPY one-way.