Our favorites - what to do in Tokyo

Advisory: Contents in this section may included outdated information. Apologies if the latest changes are not properly reflected.


This section provides you information for the first-time visitor and also for someone who has been here a few times already and looking to do something new.


Hopefully we can provide you with some hints for your upcoming visit to Tokyo!


*Where would we nominate as the top 10 places to go in Tokyo?

Our choices are here.


*What to do with 72 hours in the city?

It may not be enough, but we tried to include as much as possible in our itinerary.


*For architecture lovers, we have provide a section featuring information on works by a few of the big names in the industry.


*And for those who really want to try something others haven't done, we have selected a few spots that will set your visit apart from others for sure.

Tokyo spots less visited